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  1. A part of me wanted the camera man to get off the camera and help the baby, but that big beast must be at least a few hundred pounds, so thank you bigger elephant, you were literally the only hope.

  2. Baby elephant: ich ich uh I just… need… a little… push… please momma". After the baby elephant is out. " I don't want that to happen again". I ❤️?s?

  3. I was about to say help the little guy instead of fliming. but then i forgot that: 1 he is an elephant, elephants are very heavy even when baby. 2 u dont want to mess with someones baby when mama is there or u get hurt. 3 mama is always to the rescue.

  4. This video is so sweet! God bless those people who helped. Dodo, you all are officially my favourite youtuber because you always bring a smile to my face with these videos. (Only some do make me cry).

  5. That's hilarious?, after all that struggle he had to rest a few seconds to recharge his energy, but Thanks god, DODOS and momma was there to catch this precious moments to help out. ??? For the love of elephants.

  6. How are you love elephants! They are so intelligent! And they each have their own sense of self identity! It was wonderful to watch the bigger elephant helping the smaller one, in the music fit perfectly to the situation! God bless the elephants, and God bless everybody who reads this comment, and who watch the Dodo!

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Baby Elephant Gets A Push To Climb Out Of River | The Dodo

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