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  1. I'm wondering how the skunk's head could get stuck in the first place. The can's top must have been cut away, but why would someone do that?

    BTW, if you don't want to get sprayed, make sure it doesn't have its back facing you. A skunk can only spray you if you are behind it.

  2. So when the can is finally removed & the man is present, I wonder if the skunk assumes that the hero was actually responsible for the entire experience – the human was on the other end of the can from the start!

  3. And this is why I don't litter and I pick up trash off the ground when I can. It's crazy but sometimes people look disgusted when I pick up gross garbage off the ground…even with a napkin! Ugh sorry I want to avoid situations like the one this poor skunk was in!

  4. Wow, insane situation that can only be thought of fictionally

    • Ignore the skunk that is in pain and meet the mayor safely
    • Help the skunk but take the risk of getting sprayed…

  5. bravo to this man..he could have just continued on his way..but he has compassion..which is sorely needed in this chaotic world..people need to stop throwing soda cans..on the streets and roads..animals can get themselves in serious situations..if no one had helped this skunk..he probably would have suffocated…or even run over since he was on the road

  6. Hah! Nice job, total guts move!:) I've never been sprayed but my dog has and I can NOT imagine what it would be like to get a blast of that in the face!

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Brave Guy Rescues Skunk

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