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  1. Today I had a pair of lovely little ratties in my big floppy hat, and I decided to take my headphones off to give them more room. The second I do there's a rat snout in each ear, tickly whiskers, sniffing, and licking included

  2. My cousin lives with two cats (They belong to her friend) and one of them loves pizza. So, my cousin is just eating pizza bagels when suddenly the cat thought she could crawl under the clear tablecloth and grab them XD she was just under the plate pretty much..

    Also, she lives with a kitten named pebbles and she walked into her room one day and he was staring at her from under her bed with this cat stare °-°

  3. Whenever i go to my friends place for a sleepover, her huge german shepherd(i think he's a horse tbh) he comes then in the middle of the night suffocates me by lying on me them sticking his nose in my ear

  4. I have 3 dogs, one is a pitbull-chocolate lab, one is a german pointer, last one is a retreaver-yellow lab. When I pet my pitbull, the german pointer will go under my arm and get in my face because she wants the attention. My pitbull's just like "your tail is hittin me" he's so chill about it

  5. When I head over to get in the car for school my Rottie skipper follows and starts licking me, but I pet him and don't mind, then my other Rottie who is one month older goes on her hind legs and jumps on me, it's okay just a little dirt right well here comes my six year old Rottie Bonita. Who rubs her whole body on me. Time to get back inside and repeat the process.

  6. my cats love sit at my homework.Everyday as i open my book to study .. there they come and when i'm sleeping they always sit at my face .. good job cat!

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Funny Pets Who Don’t Understand Personal Space | The Dodo

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