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  1. Love watching a Pit Bull with "the zoomies". No other dog runs fast back and forth this playful way except a Pit with The Zoomies!
    So glad they found each other. They're a great pair.

  2. This is a Ruff House Rescue (New York) Dog!! Ruff House has again placed as a finalist in the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes $100,000 Grant Campaign.

    We NEED your help — please VOTE & SHARE! VOTING OPEN until December 20th at 5 pm CST! Please SHARE, share, share and help us get the top $25,000 prize.

    1. Click on the link:
    2. Scroll down to Ruff House Rescue's story (it's alphabetical)
    3. Click on the story & it will HIGHLIGHT
    4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and hit SUBMIT!

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  3. I have had boxers all my life and sadly i lost my last one Deisel, to cancer at the age of five..cancer is rife in boxers and as i live in the uk pitt bulls are banned!!!..I now have a spaniel…lol dont ask!! But i really miss holding a big chunky, wiggly,nuzzlyie type of dog …i would love to have owned a pitt bull…….

  4. The unconditional love you get from a dog can not be measured…They can raise the human spirit with just a wag of a tail and when you have a bond you have it for life………

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Recovering Addict And His Dog Rescued Each Other | The Dodo

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