Rescued Fox Released Into The Wild With His Best Friend | The Dodo

Fox Gets Released Into The Wild With His BFF | This little fox was found hurt and all alone, and he completely charmed the people who rescued him.


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  1. This isnt such a good thing, they will be attracted to people now and some people will not see it as a friendly fox. I dont want to rain on your parade but i would be worried if i were you.

  2. So good to see this boy survived. Half of fox kits die and those who make to adult hood are only expected to live 2-3 years old at most. And these two will be different then other foxes, they have each other. Red foxes don't mate for life and don't form packs so if these two stay together they'd be able to dominate a territory together

  3. I love these guys


    ≡ ∧_∧  ∧_∧  ウワッ

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    ≡/つ  /  ⊂ ⊂/

    4 the disrespectful haters


    (・ω・ )    ∧_∧ ,;


      (_ノノ ⊂ O)

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          ∪ ̄\)

    Oh and this

  4. We absolutely love your videos and love watching you make a difference to all these animals. That being said your choice in music makes me want to smash everything I see. Why you persist on playing that stupid three-year-old crap? But thank you for saving all the animals

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Rescued Fox Released Into The Wild With His Best Friend | The Dodo

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