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  1. I cried when I saw that dog before she transformed into a lovable pup. When she was at that garbage, I suddenly cried. That man transformed that dog into a playful and healthy one. God bless him, and not the bad owners out there.

  2. She is now a very beautiful dog. Young too by the look of her teeth.
    Please spay and neuter. So many animals alone and frightened, it breaks my heart.

  3. Watching the dogs transform is the most rewarding part of rescue. I just got back from Marley's Mutt's Dog Rescue where I brought Thanksgiving meals to their shelter dogs. Some of them suffered abuse at the hands of humans yet are still willing to trust and love. <3

  4. Wow.. I want to adopt a abandoned dog that i pass by everyday, but my mom won't let me.. She does'nt realize that dogs are like people too..

  5. That is EXACTLY the right thing to do. Stay near by. Getting slowly, into the dog's space, letting them smell, see and feel you close by. Gradually they come to understand you mean them no harm, and they begin to calm down. Nearly all animals who react like this at first are..just..plain scared. Once they are less fearful, their trust in humans returns and then, they can be cared for.

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Starved, Scared Dog is Transformed By Love | The Dodo

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