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  1. i can’t believe such a thing exists. I can’t believe there are people who are so pathetic…so vile that they would actually go to a place like that to kill a lion that was born and raised just to be killed and has absolutely no chance at having a life. Raising lions to be shot dead for sport…for the fun of it. DISGUSTING. I’d really like to go to that place with a baseball bat, beat the owners and hunters until their legs broke, then throw them in with the lions so the last thing they ever experienced before they were eaten was exactly what it felt like to be the lions

  2. People today don't see hearts in animals. They just think all animals are machines with no feelings and unlimited energy. Nope. They are made so us humans can recognize that we have other souls on our planet and we could partner up with them. Animals are exactly what we are except a bit more complexes. "Treat others the way you wanted to be treated."

  3. This practice is actually benefiting wild lions. It lets hunters hunt the animals, but they pay a heavy price, that money is used to protect the wild animals. Stopping this practice will kill more lions than necessary due to a lack of anti-poaching security (which the money is used to pay for) leading to the same lions dead, but with no benefit from it.

  4. The truth is that this is basically Africa’s economy. But it’s also the only real way to save animals in the long term.

    Most “trophy” hunters pay as much as $60,000 per hunting secession just for the thrill of shooting a “wild” animal.

    (America does a similar practice but with deer. For a considerably cheaper price)

    However, this over priced hunting secession serves several purposes, it encourages people working at or lending their land for these sanctuaries to protect the animals from poachers. Poachers can easily hunt animals by be hundreds. In addition, that money is spent to better regulate and care for the rest of the endangered wild animals. And finally, that money also goes back to the African communities that help raise the animals.

    The system seems cruel, but so is our methods of farming and livestock raising. It’s essentially Africa’s way, being a country founded primarily on hunting as a source of meat or commodity. But poachers upset this balance and bring many animals to near extinction.

    By raising animals in sanctuaries, usually weaker animals or ornery males that refuse to mate (and usually kill others) are selected for a hunting excursion by rich snobs. Their snobbish lifestyle is actually helping the animals in the long term.

    It’s up to $60,000 for each animals who’s funds go back to helping thousands of animals, vs a poachers killing them by the hundreds.

  5. This is why greedy people in this world need to go away ☹ there lack of respect for life is disgusting how could anyone do this sickening

  6. I’m happy some people save animals. Why are the lions even shot? I think lions are beautiful creatures that don’t deserve to be very feared, and deserve happy lives. Lions should live in the wild, with their normal amount of cubs and happy lives. SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST MEAN JERKS GOD DAMMIT

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Woman Horrified to Find She Was Raising Lions To Be Killed at ‘Sanctuary’ | The Dodo

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